Roles of Music in Games



RMG is designed for academic research purpose. Aiming at studying influences that music brings to games, players will be sent to places with different BGM. After playing, players can go and fill an Online Survey, anonymously. All collected data will be used for my honours project only.


  • Keyboard
    • Direction Keys/ Mouse Click for Moving
    • Z for Action/ OK
    • X for Cancel
    • Space for Jump
  • Touchscreen
    • Single Touch the Screen for Moving/ OK
    • Touch the Screen with 2 Fingers for Cancel
    • Up, Down & Jump Buttons Provided in Side Scroll Scenes


Bug Report

Please reply on this page to report bugs found. I will try my best to fix things in order to provide players best gaming experience. Thank you very much!

Special Thanks

  • Christina – Window Version Testing & Review
  • Kazuki
  • Rain
  • MingWei

Online Survey for Copy & Paste


20160408 – 0002

  • Bug Fixed – Code 42, 44
    1. HP
    2. Jump Command
    3. Friendly Mice
  • File Size Reduced
  • Versions other than Chrome App Uploaded
  • Web Version Re-deployed

20160407 – 2200

  • Bug Found – Code 32, 34
    1. Wrong HP Setting
    2. Jump Command not working on Windows
    3. Friendly Mice
    4. External Links Plugin not working on Androids
  • Launch Problem Found on Chrome App


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