Pupa is a string quartet piece finished on 4 June, 2014. It describes how a caterpillar struggles to become a pupa and the reformation inside the pupa, to become a butterfly.


Butterfly is Dante’s favourite kind of insect. Yet, at the same time, many people are disgusted by its larva – caterpillar. Dante has wondered how the process of transforming into a butterfly is – everything which looked solid on a caterpillar turns into liquid and be re-built in to a beautiful existence. However, a pupa is such weak, with no capability to protect itself from rain, storms, winds, birds or any other threats. “How much risk would a creature take to transform? For the beauty? For the freedom that the capability of flying gives?” Some people might think a pupa remains still, but that is not the case – we can see if we shoot a video of it and go fast-forward.


(Coming soon)