Dante S. Ryu

  • Composer
  • Game Developer
  • Director
  • Art Event Organiser


  • Bachelor of Arts (Creative Arts & Culture) @ Education University of Hong Kong
    • Music Major
      • Music
      • Dance
      • Drama
      • Art Administration
    • English Minor (Drama Focused)
    • Honours Project: Roles of Music in Games


  • Diploma in Android Game App Design


  • Cantonese
  • English
  • Japanese (Beginner)
  • Working on Swedish


  • Music Composition
  • Game Development
  • Video Production


  • Learning New Things

Currently Working On

  • Programming & 3D Modelling

Composition List

  • Op.1 – Pupa (for String Quartet)
  • Op.2 – No Matter What (for Orchestral Band)
  • Roles of Music in Games (8 Variations)
  • The Tiny Big Houses (Theme Music of Christina’s Story – The Tiny Big Houses)

Game List

  • Maroon Pudding Monster Building
    (Coming Soon)
  • Roles of Music in Games
    (Available for Mac OS, Windows & Android)
    (Free on Google Play Store)

Social Service

  • Chairman of Catream Music Union
    • Since 2012
    • Voluntary organisation that mainly serves teenagers from low-income families
    • Provide music training
    • Organise music events for the community
    • Offer student helpers with leadership experience
  • Organiser of CJSBS
    • Since 2010
    • Annual band concert on Lantau Island
    • Encouraging dreamers not to be afraid to start late


  • Music Learning was LuxurySeeing friends and relatives playing piano, Dante has been interested in learning to play piano since little. Due to family’s values, he did not get the chance until he could get a part-time job while facing public exam, HKCEE. He was told by school teachers to stop dreaming about learning music at university and see it as a hobby instead. One of the reasons was that he started later than people – youngest piano students can be 3 years old in Hong Kong.However, influenced by his drum teacher,「如果你想做嘅嘢係現實可行,而你死都要做到嘅話,咁你一定會做到㗎喎。只係遲早問題。」
    Translation: If what you wanna do is practical, and you are willing to die for it, you will make it. It’s only about time.This motivated Dante to organise events to encourage people to go for their dreams and achieved his university study.