Monster Building – Update Log 04

Ones say,
Taking a rest != Stop doing things;
Taking a rest == Doing a different thing;

So I did, switching from programming to 2D painting, not the main character though (getting some help with that).

It’s weird that I have lived in Hong Kong for so many years but find it hard to draw a “Tong Lau” (means Chinese Building, an old kind of building). Can’t say I succeeded, but some effort spent on the texture and lighting, yay, lighting for a 2D game!

  • Traps Sprites added
  • Background Sprites added
  • Random BG & Traps system added
  • High Score feature added
  • Shield VFX added


To play an audio clip at a certain moment, which gives better efficiency?

  • Adding a timer in the script so it does one more calculation?
  • Adding it with OnStateExit so it runs one more script file?

I guess in my case it doesn’t matter.. but.. curiosity.. sun & da beach..
Tell me if you know the answer!

Until next time!

Part of the Background



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